About us

Bulgaria has a rich and long tradition of winemaking. Innovations in both winery and vineyard have resulted in some exciting new wines. Balkan Wine Discoveries works hard to discover the world’s most delicious wines from a range of boutique producers. The ranges are designed to suit all tastes and budgets, and are stocked in both retail and trade outlets.

There’s no doubt that many European countries’ climates are changing. More variation and extreme weather conditions are being experienced by many vineyard areas and this is putting pressure on production. It is for these reasons that we believe that one country, which can trace its vine growing heritage back thousands of years, is set to make a strong comeback – Bulgaria. With excellent grape growing soils, varied terrain (for subtle nuances in flavour profiles), modern winemaking techniques and a real passion and hunger to show off its credentials, Bulgaria is poised to make a dramatic impact on the UK and other export markets.

With elegant whites from well-known international varietals and ripe, satin-textured reds from local varieties, there’s a lot for Bulgaria to be confident about. Its wines are generous, but complex. There’s easy routes to market, sophisticated technology controlling quality and a real willingness to listen to what we are saying about brands and concepts that will connect consumers to regions, heritage and stories about the wines’ origins.

So, Bulgaria is ready and we have discovered some delicious wines that will delight the exacting palates of our consumer. Then there’s the people behind the revolution and their determination to succeed. All this has energised our team and we expect to make an impact!