paulscaifePaul Scaife

Paul Scaife has been a wine industry professional for over 30 years. Qualified to WSET Diploma Level and with a wide ranging wine trade background, he has worked in brand development, product selection and blending, supplier and client relationship management and a myriad other trade roles.  He brings to the team wide ranging experience of working with Bulgarian Wineries in the days before accession to EU membership, plus a wealth of new contacts and wineries eager to prove that Bulgaria is ready for the demands of the contemporary UK market.

Paul can claim to have sung Sinatra in Japanese Karaoke Bars, flambéed with Remy Martin Louis XIII, spoken in depth on Champagne at many of the country’s finest hotels, bumped into (literally) the Queen Mother in Wellington Barracks and got into a whole pile of other scrapes.

Andrew_Portrait_BWAndrew Mangles

Qualified to WSET Diploma Level, Andrew has worked in the wine trade for over 30 years. With a background in online marketing and PR, he is also a keen wine blogger. Having worked in Paris, London and Somerset, his experience also spans logistics, wine buying and on-trade sales.

Having made some stunning wine finds in Bulgaria throughout his career, Andrew brings this wealth of experience to Balkan Wine Discoveries.

dimitarDimitar Dragiev

A fully qualified winemaker with wide experience throughout all stages from grapes to market, Dimitar has a background in due diligence, working with auditors in the undertaking of professional winery compliance.

Dimitar drives forward sales, marketing and customer-relations, with exceptional winemaking and technical knowledge of all the products. With a good knowledge of the UK market, culture and trends, Dimitar advises those in winery management on how to achieve the best possible visibility within the industry.

Dimitar is responsible for building relationships between Balkan Wine Discoveries and winery personnel, utilising his knowledge on international wine, commercial law, goods movement and logistics.