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Mezzek wine is produced on the Katarzyna Estate, one of the most fertile areas for growing vines in Bulgaria on the same latitude as some of the most famous wine regions in Europe. Their aim is to use traditional winemaking techniques, and to create wines which carry the uniqueness and elegance of the Old World. Produced using classical methods and predominantly manual labour, the grapes are handpicked in small batches. After processing the wines, the finished product is transferred into French oak barriques to age.

Premium wine

  • Elegant wine at a mid-range price point
  • Expertly selected grape varieties for the discerning wine drinker
  • Proven increased revenue from repeat sales

Sauvignon Pinot Gris, Bulgaria

Shining green-yellow in colour, with an exquisite aroma of fresh citrus fruit and a soft herbaceous, green nuance. A balanced and elegant taste meets a pleasant freshness and voluminous body with a succulent and refreshing finish. Combines well with fresh salad, fish, light cheese, asparagus and chicken.

Rosé, Bulgaria

A gentle salmon colour with light pink hue. Aromas of fresh red fruits intertwined with citrus notes, the palate is balanced with elegant, fruity aromas, a pleasant freshness and memorable finish. Combines well with fresh salads, fruits, fresh cheeses, fish and fruity desserts.

Cabernet Merlot, Bulgaria

An intensive red colour with violet hues, this wine has the aroma of ripe red and black fruits mixed with fine French oak. With a balanced and harmonious body filled with elegance, this Merlot ends with a long and soft finish. Pairs well with pasta grilled red meat or risotto.

Mavrud, Bulgaria

Intensive ruby-red in colour, with concentrated aromas of red forest fruits, spices and vanilla. The body is soft and voluminous, filled with sweetness, length and a memorable palate. This Mavrud matches cheese, cured and roasted meats and lasagne perfectly.