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Bulgaria has a rich and long tradition of winemaking. Ulpia Serdica was originally a Roman settlement in today’s Bulgarian capital city, Sofia. At every turn this dynamic, modern city proudly displays its 2000 years of heritage – much like the wine inside every bottle of Serdica.

Premium wine

  • Elegant wine at a mid-range price point
  • Expertly selected grape varieties for the discerning wine drinker
  • Proven increased revenue from repeat sales

Sauvignon, Bulgaria

Gently perfumed, with a herbaceous, oral character, this crisp white wine has perfect poise. A great match for olives, nuts and nibbles, but why not try with seared mackerel, Mediterranean salads or goat’s cheese.

Rosé, Bulgaria

The long sunny days of Bulgaria’s summer ripen the grapes perfectly for this oh, so drinkable Rosé. With hints of red summer fruits on the nose and palate, we love this versatile, off-dry Rosé with all manner of contemporary street food.

Merlot, Bulgaria

There’s a touch of smoky blackberry about this ripe and satin textured Merlot. Great for sipping in the evening, but the perfect match for grilled meats, wild mushroom risotto, pizza and spicy chorizo.